Yep, way to go MPs!

Firstly, this is an unlikely FIRST post. There have been countless others which, for one reason or another, have failed to make it all the way here. Even this one almost failed to make the last turn. Unfortunately, there’s no way to know if they will. The first/fast are not always the first to arrive. Point made.

So it is that Ugandan MPs have increased their monthly net pay to a tune that’s 14 times the country’s per capita income. Sweet. Now, of course, we’re going to get outraged, swing our heads, talk, shout, quarrel and foam at our mouths. And that’s all ok. It’s our right to react anyway we want. It is also called freedom of expression.

But when we’re done, for we sure can’t go on till time grows gray hair, some few truths will be there staring at us. Like, seriously if you not only had to suggest how much you should be paid (some organisations ask that during interviews and leave it there), but could actually ink it, what would you do? Isn’t there such a saying in Luganda that ‘namunswa alyakunswaze’?

If you occupy a position where the only thing you are sure you can bring your influence to bear without causing a ruckus with the real power, without having the state witch hunt you and members of your family, without anything is your salary, what would you do?

Who at any given time hasn’t felt or complained they are being paid less than what they actually are worth? So let no one react as if they were more morally upright than the MPs. Finding yourself in the positions they occupy, the temptation to do as they do would outweigh the incentive to do otherwise. That doesn’t mean, however, that the latter can’t win over the former.

Personally, I’m not going to wait for a time I too become MP. There’s no chance in this lifetime that’ll happen. And here’s the reason: I don’t want. Period. So I’ll bring my influence to bear right now on things I too can speak change to and change happens pronto. I’m increasing the amount of juice I take and the food I eat in a day; the hours I stay in bed and the hours I stay online.

Now, let me hear anyone say ngwe!


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