When Love Gets Lonely


Love doesn’t love anymore

Not because, like salt, it has lost its loveliness

Only in fantasies does love consume its lover


A midnight summer dream

Two souls bathed in moonlight

Promises of scaling the highest mountains

And treading the deepest of valleys

Of wading mighty rivers,

and plunging down violent falls

Of sailing expansive seas,

and daring the deepest of oceans


The rational world frowns upon fantasy


When love gives,

Memory is an unbearable burden

Every tiny thing returns afresh

With significance hitherto unknown:


The very idea of you, just the two of you

His purred sound of I love you

Coffee together, sipped in silence

His hearty laughter, your silly fights


His vulnerability, that cut his burly size

To fit into your tiny chest

Vulnerability that tore you to shreds,

As did his power over you


Love’s deepest pain is less in losing love

It’s more in disentangling from it.

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