Jerk Dumisani, anybody?

Ras Dumisani gets his kick out of South Africa's Anthem (Courtesy photo/YouTube)

I can’t remember any moment in my short life to date when Uganda’s national anthem was ever sang on an international stage. If you do, please bring me up to speed. Now that’s not something to be proud of. But…

Down south though, South Africa’s has. Many times. So I can only imagine how it must feel for a South African national to watch/listen their national song being murdered, actually obliterated, not once but many times over by some little known jerk of a musician who doesn’t even have a Wikipedia entry to his name! If you know a tiny bit how stuff gets on Wikipidea, tells how nobody is really uninterested in him. Not even himself!

Whatever makes some people think all you need to emulate Bob Marley is grow dreadlocks, smoke weed and croak! Might I be crying more than the bereaved?

Well, my friend (right?) Y.B.T., as well as anybody else, please be your own judge here.


3 thoughts on “Jerk Dumisani, anybody?

  1. This guy has been ridiculed many times since this match, which I think South Africa even lost. But I thought he earned his invitation. As a sports enthusiast and the beauty of noise in a stadium this guy made a good job. Which I’d assume was to be louder than anybody else/be audible/incite feelings of joy and fun to the match.
    It was a match man, a Rugby match at that not an opera!
    I think its because people like you cannot put up a ‘man’ show of noise and crowd working that you’re slaughtering the guy.

  2. Appearances, national songs are not fanatic chants which respect no rules or procedure. Their code is only one: making the loudest noise as possible. Ever heard the Brits (who it’s claimed are the noisiest in the world, and most rowdy in every sense of the word) chanting their national song in such a way as Dumi makes a mockery of S.A.’s?

    lulu, yeah sometimes.

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