Daily Monitor’s Idea Of Creativity, Go Figure!

ABOVE: How It Used To Be. While BELOW: How It Looks Like Now…

BELOW: Where This Design They Will Flaunt as New Was Copied…

While I check the Daily Monitor (DM) Online edition several times a day, I wouldn’t have known the new “changes” if it weren’t for an old story about Justice Kanyeihamba I was looking for. So I type my search query into Google (what could we possibly do without you!?) and up come the links to DM. I click the topmost only for the next page to gladly display for me error 404: The requested resource is not available. And where was this error generated from? Nation Media Group, the mother company of DM.

So I think to myself ok, I’ll go to the DM site directly and search. I do the usual, typing in the URL that is, and bam, my eyes encounter a somewhat different webpage from what I knew to be the usual. But before I can applaud DM for a brand new site my mind reminds me that I’d seen that design somewhere else. Where? Kenya’s Daily Nation. To be sure my mind isn’t playing a prank on me, I open the Daily Nation website and confirm what I shouldn’t have doubted even for a second, my mind’s sharp memory.

So I go scuttling, as if there was a prize for it, to my facebook page where we must tell on ourselves and updated my status thus: Uganda’s Daily Monitor changes website to look like its sister (or brother or cousin or name it) Kenya’s Daily Nation. While night and day The New Vision Group as it is now called and which is up to 80 percent owned by the government either buys out or sets up new radio stations across the country. Catch it up here. It’s time to question whether media concentration and media conglomerations are a good thing or a bad thing for East Africa.

6 thoughts on “Daily Monitor’s Idea Of Creativity, Go Figure!

  1. Intense writing, good job on ‘where we must tell on ourselves” and for applauding google. I remember I was a reporter not so long ago, I wrote an op-ed, which in my head I translated as a feature story. It was titled: God bLESS google for our careers”
    Guess who edited it?

    That aside, I think the media and its objective of shaping public opinion in East Africa is going to be turned into a cartel of of busipolitico-a new word i just came up with- In Tanzania, and they have a more active media than Kenya and Uganda, the CCM through a plethora of facades controls TZ media industry, In Kenya NMG is increasingly growing it’s base, even expanding to Uganda and TZ.
    This general approach to media is responsible for creating the ‘UTAKE’ trend in showbiz circles, it began a while Gaaki, our region is going to be run in a manner that perhaps Jose Mourinho meant when he said, “the title is going to be won by a select group of one.”

  2. Didn’t that guy who edited what you’d written help you understand that there was actually a difference between an Op-Ed piece and a feature article?

    That said, firstly I don’t think our news media sets any public opinion. But not to digress, NRM is going the same way as CCM [by] opening all these radio stations across the country that are meant to push their propaganda and make it look as if its all freedom of expression and the media at work. I’ve got more intel. on that project but which I’m still corroborating.

    In Kenya’s case I think The Standard Group is holding up well against NMG, the reason why they feel compelled to diversify their platforms and feel they have that regional and continental comparative advantage over their main rival. In case you din’t know they are expanding into N.Africa as well and are on a recruitment drive. So if you need a job, its there calling.

  3. As part of the Daily Monitor Internet Team I would like to respond the ‘copy cat’ allegations.
    As you may very well know, we are under the Nation Media Group and you will realise that all our sites now have the same design.
    Nobody copied anyone- it is the Group design- if you wanna call it that. Besides, what you have as the ‘former site’ is a PDF of the front page of the print Edition which we use for the e-paper and not the website.
    But thanks for being one of our visitors and we appreciate feedback.
    We are still working out a few glitches here and there but I promise this will always be the best news site in Uganda.

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