And now, once again, announcing the return of These Files!

On Wednesday, September 2010, I emphatically proclaimed the return to blogging and even offered a grandiose banger. The last post went up two months shy of some three years ago to date. I can’t resist copying and pasting what I said then: “The story of the long absence is, to use a tired cliché, a long one. There will, however, be time to tell it.” The only proviso now is I won’t make any promises when to tell it but that it shall be told, that is without doubt.

Again, to copy and paste: “These files contain ideas and musings, and, well, everything else. Eih, and also guest posts. You’ve got something you want to react to or say and you feel the comment section won’t do you justice? Ask for some guest space, it’s all waiting for you.”

Anybody who remembers the Files from the (not a) long time ago, will realise a certain post has been reviewed and recalled. That is as it should be. Anyone curious enough will prod and, maybe, a long explanation will be provided.
This too I shall copy and paste: “A huh, what haven’t I said? It’s exciting to be back. Let’s share ideas and thoughts. We can’t do anything more exciting than that. Or maybe we can. You tell me.”


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